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Who is your Wonder Woman?

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Our weekly blog aims to provide concise, coherent guidance and advice, helping to empower women in making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. Also available on the Apple News App.


Who is your Wonder Woman?

Have you ever met or seen someone who inspired you? Maybe it was a teacher or coach in school? Maybe it was someone in your community? Maybe it is a family member or a friend? No matter what, you saw something in their actions, words and behaviours that led you to copy them or at least try to emulate them. You did this because they became a role model, someone you wished to be just like in some way or another. You may have wanted to attain the same career success, the same level of respect or simply be someone like them. 

If you have not found a role model in life, you should take the time to find people who inspire you and motivate you to reach for something farther or higher than you have already done. Not only can looking for a role model actually supply you with some great examples, but it may also bring you great clarity. Many of us are unsure of our own goals or priorities, but looking for role models can often clarify things.

Why do all of this? Once you have at least one role model, and see the examples they set, you can then become a role model to those around you and this is far more important than you might realise. It is not about vanity. As one psychologist wrote of role models, "if you stop and consider who most influences you now, and why, you’ll no doubt agree that the people you admire now are giving you your most important life lessons." 

Unfortunately, the people we admire may not be those worthy of it. Studies of children have shown that they often model behaviour on those who are being rewarded most. In other words, they behave in the way that gets someone else the most praise or attention, even if what they are doing is bad or harmful. If you don't think this is true, consider how many young people admire and look up to celebrities as role models. They may not be the most ethical or attention-worthy, yet they capture attention and admiration.

Be a Good Role Model 

Why not strive to become someone upon whom others might model their behaviours? If you are a woman, now is an important time to become the most effective model imaginable. Showing other women, and men, the importance of embracing who you are, living an authentic life, and on your own terms…these are relevant behaviours, empowering behaviours that help to inspire and motivate.

It does not take a lot to serve as a good role model, either. Simply consider what it was that drew you to your own role models. They are probably not celebrities or multi-millionaires, but others who lived by the values you hold dear.

Good role models always have clear principles, passion and the ability to inspire, commitment, they accept others and they overcome obstacles. Today is the day that you can begin to live as a role model inspiration, and in doing so you can reach your own goal of living as your role models before you.