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Time to team up.

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Time to team up.

Have you considered finding a workout partner? You should, after all, wellness experts around the globe agree that exercising and spending time with friends are two of the best things we can do for overall health. Clearly, if you can blend them together you have the best of all possible worlds. There are many benefits for women and men to pair up for exercise, and we are going to consider just a few of the most significant. When done reading this, it is likely you will want to find someone to train with or meet up with to enjoy regular workouts.


  • They make it far more fun - A study of more than 100 adults said that they enjoyed working out with a friend much more than they did working out alone. The result? Those who work out with friends tend to want to work out more often, and have more fun as they do so.


  • They make them accountable - Here's a major reason to begin working out with a partner - they make you feel guilty or accountable if you try to skip the workout. Imagine yourself planning to get up at 4AM to do some exercise. The alarm goes off - do you snooze for a while and then decide to exercise later? If you know a friend is waiting for you to show up at the appointed time, you won't sleep in and you will get more exercise. Even if you are not going to work out together, simply telling someone that you skipped a routine is motivation enough not to skip it.


  • It is safer - Whether it is a friend telling you that you are holding a form that is bad for your back, that you are training too hard for too long, or that you are lifting too much weight, it is often safer to have someone keeping an eye out for you. Additionally, going out for a run, ride on a bike, jog, hike or walk is always much safer when done in a pair or group.


  • You don't feel stressed - Studies have shown that working out on a stationary bicycle with a friend leaves you far calmer than cycling alone. This is because you can chat and you won't rattle around in your own thoughts.


Other benefits include working harder due to natural competition, meeting goals faster, and even improving your relationship with a friend or partner if you work out together more often. What kinds of exercises are good for partner workouts? You can do walking, jogging and cycling routines together. Indoors, the options are nearly limitless, and include such exercises as over-under weight passes, side plant passes, bodyweight workouts and any number of team exercises (think lunges, burpees, wheelbarrows, and more).

Working out alone can be very tiring and even defeating. Choosing to work out with a friend or partner is going to challenge you, inspire you and lead you to much more certain success.