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The No Pressure Route to Success

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Our weekly blog aims to provide concise, coherent guidance and advice, helping to empower women in making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. Also available on the Apple News App.


The No Pressure Route to Success

No matter what goals you have set for yourself, it is likely that you have already put a bit of pressure on yourself to make them happen. In fact, if you are like most, you are putting substantial pressure on yourself to see the goals through to their successful conclusion. And yet, you seem to struggle, strive and even succumb to pressures that lead to failure. 

What Causes the Struggle?

Why does this happen? Consider what one expert at Forbes had to say about this precise issue: "What about if you’re someone who constantly struggles with achieving your goals? Do you know what’s standing in your way? Do you think your goals are just too big to accomplish? Do you feel you have bad luck? Or is it that you just didn’t 'want it' bad enough? I highly doubt it’s any of these.  In fact, I would argue that the greatest problem that’s been preventing you from accomplishing your biggest goals is that you’re not thinking small enough."

Yes, that does say "small enough". We are told to dream big, reach for the moon (and even the stars beyond) and go for our wildest dreams. We are also told to take very broad steps to make that happen. Such as? Advice includes "believing", "taking action", "finding a role model and copying them", "deciding on our big goal" and "setting a deadline".

That advice is fine, but it doesn't give you the small steps that take you to such phases of success, and beyond. As a prime illustration of this, think of a heavily muscled athlete. Did they just believe those muscles into existence? No, they took baby steps each day, built strength and then built muscles and dexterity that make them a great athlete.

Think of all of your goals in this way, too. What little, daily activities would it require to lead you to your goal? As a simple example, let's say you wish to lose weight and have a very specific amount in mind. Rather than focusing on losing the weight, think of the tiniest thing you can do to make it happen. For example, eat at least five healthy breakfasts this week.

Once you can eat five breakfasts, bump it to seven. Then, another week later, move to lunch. Follow these baby steps, and in a matter of weeks, healthy eating is a habit and weight loss is already well under way without stressing about it. 

If you overextend yourself and your vision, you end up falling flat on your face. Just reconsider that example above. You want to lose weight and so you begin an extreme diet. You suffer, you struggle and it is only the first week. You get on the scale and there is no difference or very little change. Do you stick to this rigorous new way of life? Not likely.

Think small. Take baby steps and allow yourself to experience each day and each challenge as it comes. Experts are in agreement that small goals build up and lead you to the greater goal with far more success. Failure is often due to overreaching or over extending yourself - and you can avoid this by keeping your goals attainable and use each success to build momentum that drives you onward and upward.