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Lose Weight, Look Good.

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Our weekly blog aims to provide concise, coherent guidance and advice, helping to empower women in making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. Also available on the Apple News App.


Lose Weight, Look Good.

Did you know that Vogue magazine has given fashionable activewear a nod of approval? Though they indicated that some Parisian fashion experts say that gym clothes on the street is a non-starter, most of the other editors said that there is nothing wrong with well-fitted and well-designed gym wear. This should be great news to the multi-tasker who wants to be ready to get in some exercise whenever the opportunity presents itself, as well as the person who prefers to wear their gym clothes on the way to workout.

Of course, whether you care about the opinions of fashion writers and editors, or you just love the comfort of chic activewear, you should also know that your gym wear actually affects your outlook. The term "enclothed cognition" was first coined after a 2012 study that looked at the mental changes we experience when we wear certain clothing.  In the study, participants were "either outfitted in a lab coat or given nothing special to wear, and then performed attention-related tasks—at which those wearing lab coats proved significantly more successful."

In other words, there was symbolic meaning to the garments and this led to participants feeling more confident and doing better. This has confirmed the beliefs of many fitness experts who also say indicate that it makes sense to choose activewear that appeals to you because it will make you more active and far more likely to workout.

Choosing Your Outfits

Naturally, not every well-designed, fashionable activewear garment will appeal to you. You need to choose colours and styles that appeal to you. However, you should also ensure that you stick to a theme or a range of hues that will let you mix and match to create different looks and seasonal styles.

This is easier than ever. An article in The Atlantic, a U.S. publication, indicated that "women want both fashion and function in their gym clothing", and that manufacturers are making a lot of wonderful options in all corners of the globe.

Consider the easily mixed and matched pieces from 2TONEFIT. Offering stylish jackets, vests, leggings, headwear and sports bras, the growing brand allows you to make an array of outfits thanks to the prints and hues of the pieces. For example, a shopper can find comfortable and high performance leggings in solid hues, prints and colour blocks. They can pair these with easy to layer vests in an array of coordinating hues, and every outfit can be topped with an on-trend jacket. Each of the garments has a lot of structure to allow a wearer to enjoy freedom of movement and comfort, yet the lines are flattering and well-fitting.

If you want to begin making the most out of your gym wear, consider looking into lines offering solids and on-trend prints. For example, a camo bra top works well with silvery grey leggings and a jacket in the same hues can provide a good finish for gym or even street wear.

We all understand how much better we feel in attractive and well-fitting clothes. You should be sure you choose mix and match pieces in your activewear wardrobe to ensure you get the most out of it - including getting the most out of your workouts!