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Get Back on Track

2ToneFit Blog | Activewear | Bikinis | Health | Fitness

Our weekly blog aims to provide concise, coherent guidance and advice, helping to empower women in making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. Also available on the Apple News App.


Get Back on Track

We all know the old adage about going on a diet and then finding it impossible to resist cravings for forbidden foods. This is due to that forbidden factor which so many of us find hard to resist. The more we know we are not supposed to eat something, the more we suddenly want that food or drink. Yet, it is easy enough to remain constantly aware of this, and find ways to re-train the brain to behave differently.

However, there are some very common ways we also sabotage our diet and exercise plans without being hyper-aware of the fact we are doing so. Let's consider them to ensure you don't continue to foil your best efforts at weight loss or fitness.

Impossible Goals

"I will be two sizes smaller for the wedding next month"

"I will do 1.5 hours of exercise every single day - even weekends"

"I will cut carbs from my life forever"

If we want to lose weight badly enough, we can set impossible goals for ourselves, and even take preliminary steps to bring about some changes. However, any weight lost or fitness attained is unlikely to be sustained because of impractical demands.

Instead, it is best to set smaller goals you know, absolutely, can be reached. For example, adding a day of exercise to your regular weekly routine, and sticking with it for one or more weeks before making any other changes. Adding a single, super healthy meal to the daily diet for a week before changing anything else, or simply making a point of drinking four more glasses of water each day, will all begin helping you towards the greater goal.

Celebrating with Food or Cheats

You lose some weight and so you celebrate with a cocktail or a "cheat" food like cake or chips. This reawakens your urge for your once favourite foods, and you might soon find yourself "rewarding" yourself for a lousy day or even eating well for just a day or two with a cheat.

Rather than rewarding yourself "the old way", the way that let you gain weight, why not reward yourself with something else? What? A movie, a hike somewhere, a new piece of clothing, a new notebook to write about your journey, a set of fierce leggings (2TONEFIT has some really stylish choices)…these are all great ways to build a new relationship with food, diet and fitness.

All or Nothing

Here is one of the worst ways we sabotage ourselves when dieting and trying to exercise. You didn't get up early enough for the long run or the hour-long workout. You ate badly at lunch. That scale did not move a bit, even after a week of serious dieting and exercise.

What do you do? Some of us have a habit of throwing in the towel. "I didn't do the run, so I won't exercise at all today". "I slipped and ate that candy, so I'll just eat as many as I want, the day's ruined as it is." 

Don't sabotage yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Reward yourself and use patience and you will soon see your exercise and diet routine paying off.