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5 Documentaries You Need to Watch

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5 Documentaries You Need to Watch

At 2ToneFit, we’re definitely fitness fanatics. We love learning about better ways to eat, work out, and live healthy lifestyles in general, so we’re always looking for great documentaries to keep us informed about what we should and shouldn’t put in our bodies. Some of the information in these films can be really shocking and eye-opening, and it could change your life. That’s why we think that everyone needs to watch these documentaries:


That Sugar Film

Three years before making this film, Damon Gameau gave up sugar entirely, and he saw a lot of improvements to his health. For this film, he wanted to study the effects of sugar on the human body, so he actually started eating sugar again as an interesting experiment to show how sugar hides in our diets and what it does to us.


Hungry for Change

This film is made up of a mix of first-person testimonials and expert advice, and its whole aim is to uncover the lies that the food industry feeds us all every day. It’ll show you the benefits of giving up processed foods in a very real way.


Fed Up

Narrated by Katie Couric, this excellent documentary about the added sugar in everyday foods will really open your eyes to how unhealthy so many of the “healthy” foods you eat every day are. Not only that, but Fed Up actually explores the role that sugar plays in weight gain and our country’s obesity epidemic, as well as the food industry’s role in our unhealthy eating habits.



Everyone’s been talking about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) lately, but do you know what they are and/or what kinds of effects they can have on your health? This documentary explores a number of questions about GMOs and their safety for human consumption.


Why Am I Still Fat?

Did you know that dieting can actually make you fatter? This Australian produced documentary explores this and other questions that plague both research scientists and normal people who just want to lose some weight. It’s an important film that could shed some real light on why you might be having trouble with your weight loss regimen.


These are just five of the many documentaries on health and fitness that we recommend to anyone who cares about living a healthier lifestyle. Want to get more information and see all of the latest updates from 2ToneFit?

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